19 March 2010

The Digital Hairshirt: Protector of Families

The Digital Hairshirt: Protector of Families

Today is the feast day of St. Joseph's, the foster father of Jesus and Mary's most chaste spouse. As a family law attorney, it is fitting that I honor him today as St. Joseph is the patron and protector of families.
So let me offer this.
Holy St. Joseph, you were trusted by God to care for His Son, which you did admirably. Pray that peace be upon all those whose families experience strife. Let children today be safe from those who would hamr them. Let parents today have both wisdom and patience to make sure their children are safe and are raised as Your good people. Let not our elderly be forgotten, but cherished for their gifts. Let the people realize that peace and happiness starts at home and may God's people receive blessings upon those very places today. We ask this, as all things, through Christ, Our Lord. Amen. (+)

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