12 August 2009

Father Hesko on the 25th anniversary of his ordination

Our former diocese, the Diocese of Trenton, has a wonderful article about the priest who is assigned to the Parish of St. Catherine Laboure in MIddletown, New Jersey. This is the parish where Geoff and I met and were married, by this very same priest. I had started attending the EF Mass in May 2001 at another parish, and in July of that year, it was moved to St. Catherine's.. Geoff and I met the same month, and he began attending the Mass with me and we have been inseparable since!!!!. Father Hesko is a wonderful priest, and is assisted by a retired priest, Father Anthony D'Andry, who is a wonderful spiritual guide and confessor. Congratulations to Father Hesko on this glorious anniversary. (Thank you to the Remnant Newspaper for posting a link to this article- which you will need to cut and paste- sorry!!!!)

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