12 August 2009

A quick cut and paste from one of my favorite must read sites!!!!

Greetings from Bryan Preston, Who Thinks You Morons are Smart or Something

Formerly of Hot Air, now a macher in the Texas GOP.

I had passed along a thought mentioned by DrewM., hoping he could pass it up the GOP food chain. It's not completely relevant, but the idea was this:

Please pass this up the foodchain. A coblogger wrote it. But maybe he's not the author of it.

Health care in the US is covered by three main systems-- Medicare,
medicaid, and private insurance.

two of these systems are bankrupt, and will be unable to make payments
beyond 2032 (insert correct date here, I don't know).

the third is solvent, and can make all of its payments for the
foreseeable future.

Barack Obama's plan is to take the one system meeting its obligations
and fold it into the two systems that are bankrupt.


Anyway, here's where you guys come in. He wrote back (and gave permission to quote him):

You know, it's been said before but your commenters may be the smartest commenters in the 'sphere. That's a sharp insight and it's so simple the media might actually run it whole, so that it gets through to the public. I do a fair amount of media hits in this job, and I'm going to work that into my repertoire. I'll also pass it around here and to the various elected shops.

He's also going to try to work in DrewM.'s point on a radio show later this afternoon:

By the way, I just found out I'll have a radio hit on a big Dallas station during the first half of the 2 pm hour (that's central time, so 3 where you are). The station is KRLD, so if you or the morons want to listen live here's the link-- I'll be debating some lib about ObamaCare, so the three systems insight is likely to come up. Maybe right off the top, depending on how the host tosses to me.

Once you're at the station's link you have to click on the Listen Live link, which brings up a CBS Radio player that's kind of annoying. I don't see a way to direct link the stream, unfortunately.

So, he says you may be the smartest commenters in the sphere, and he's loving DrewM.'s idea.

Hah: An Idea So Moronic It's Kind of Clever: Honestly, any excuse to dress up in Logan's Run costumes is a good one as far as I'm concerned.

Has anyone thought of wearing "Logan's Run" outfits to town halls? Complete with 'lil flashy things on their palms?

...Cuz that's "government health care" that I want to be a part of...


Reverend Darkness

Maybe I can get Tricorner Tea Party Babe to dress up in one of Jenny Agutter's plunging-neckline diaphanous space-dresses.

She will have no idea what the hell I'm even talking about, of course.

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