12 February 2010

In Other Good News

Today is a good day to be from New Jersey.  The new governor, Chris Christie,  has announced that he will be keeping his campaign promises, and froze state spending.  Obviously this went over like a ton of bricks with the Democrat/Progressive/Treason Party, which has run this once fine state into near bankruptcy.  Governor Christie has frozen spending for school districts that have a surplus, which means that they obviously don't need state aid, and is cutting state subsidies to New Jersey Transit, a huge black hole not unlike Amtrak at the federal taxpayer level.  He has the nerve to request that the union contracts be revisited!!!  The horror- union thugs/employees to live like the taxpayer who provides his generous salary and benefits, neither of which are available in the private  sector anymore!!!!!  He had the nerve to do this by exercising his constitutional executive authority, and without the legislature!!!  He has also warned the Legislature that next year's budget will have even bigger cuts in spending!!!!!

Now, I am proud to be a Jersey Girl, by ancestry and for having lived there for 15 years.

Go Christie!!!!!

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