17 February 2010

Time is running out! « The TrogloPundit

Since Lent is upon us, I am making an effort to assits this poor man, who happens to be a wonderful blogger, have one million hits on his blog by his anniversary tomorrow. Can I help it that he lives in Wisconsin, the Badger State. (May my Dachsies With Moxie forgive me for this)

Time is running out! « The TrogloPundit

ime is running out!

Tomorrow, February 18, is TrogloPundit’s one-year anniversary.

Yes, yes, thanks. Thank you. No, really, thank you. Please, thanks, shut up already. Thanks.

As many of you will have noticed, the past 355 days have not – repeat not - placed TrogloPundit in contention to join the fabled Million Hits in a Year club. That’s why I’m telling you about my anniversary a day short.

See, it’s not too late. All we need is…well…about six hundred and seventy-six thousand hits between now and 11:59 pm tomorrow. That’s it! Okay, a little more than that, I think. Make it six hundred and seventy-seven thousand hits, just to be safe. And that’ll make One Million Hits!

Ooh, you know what would suck? Coming up just a hit or two short. Da-yum.

So anyway. What this all means is: I need links. Every post between now and tomorrow, midnight, should prominently display some incredibly compelling link to any TrogloPundit post. I’m not condoning cheesecake photographs with promises of even greater levels of fleshly exposure on the other side of the click, but I’m not going to argue with them, either. I just won’t look too hard.

I also need hits. If each of you clicks over to TrogloPundit, then cleans out your cache and your cookies, and then clicks again, over and over and over – will that work? I think so. Give it a shot. C’mon, your boss will understand!

With your help, this goal is still within reach. Thank you for your support.

UPDATE - in the comments, Stevegg writes:

…you don’t know Trog like I do. When he gets desperate, he looks like the antithesis of Rule 5.

Yeah. You wouldn’t want me posting pictures of that, would you?

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  1. I just spoke with the Pope [he and I go way back - but that's a story for my memoirs] and there's a sainthood in this for you, AB. From what the Holy Father tells me, you'll be taking over for Saint Jude [the patron saint of desperate cases and lost causes (that's Lance, alright!)] and be named Saint Agnes of the Blog. Congratulations.