09 February 2010

Long Time, No Post

Back on 22 December 2009, I received a notice from Blogger that this blog was a spam blog and was under review.  Surprising to me, to say the least.  So, while I waited for the situation to resolve itself, I started blogging at wordpress-  I will now be maintaining both blogs as well as the Dachsies With Moxie blog.   Sometime over the weekend, while we were away visiting my godmother in hospice care, the blog was restored, so we can start anew!!!!

AS such, I just wanted my readers and friend to know of a new favorite blog-, where the Goddess of the Photoshop, Carol of No Sheeples Here, is providing superior customer service to her fan base.  She continues with her superlative photoshopping, and this new blog is where her work is available for free!!!  Bookmark this site and visit daily!!!!

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