12 February 2010

No Sheeples Here: Have Fedora, Will Travel

Here in the Vast Right Wing Blogosphere, we assist our fellow travellers in their individual quests and their pursuits for justice and the American Way. In honor of that tradition, I am encouraging everyone to hit the tip jar at Da Tech Guy's blog, so that he can attend CPAC 2010. He provided extraordinary reportage of the "Massachusetts Miracle", which has led to the "Rhode Island Miracle"- ie- Patrick Kennedy not seeking reelection and the first time that Congress (both chambers) will be free of the Kennedy stench. He also had the honor of hosting His Awesomeness during the final days of the "Massachsuetts Miracle" and that alone requires monetary funding of his CPAC quest!!!!I am linking to The Goddess of the Photoshop, Carol at No Sheeples Here, so that you can read even more about this fabulous Catholic conservative blogger from Massachusetts. Hit the tip jar hard for him!!!!!

Here is the link:

No Sheeples Here: Have Fedora, Will Travel

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