27 March 2009

An Anti-Catholic Administration????

The Great One, the Maha Rushie today was discussing the Notre Dame fiasco. As usual, his points were well made and accurate. He also discussed what is transpiring with our favorite heterophobe, Barney Frank, specifically his comments about Supreme Court Justice Scalia being a "homophobe" The theory being proposed made me think that anti-Catholicicism is alive and well with the Deceiver in Chief. Rush proposed that these comments are designed to intimidate the conservative members of the Supreme Court, but especially Chief Justice Roberts, who was specifically attcked by Senateor Harry Reid, to start rethinking on which side they should be on the issues presented to the Court. This is nothing short of intimidation of the Justices, of whom five are Catholic, and of these five, four are conservative. (The anti-Catholic tenor of this argument was not proposed by Rush, but comes from my fertile brain working overtime- )

To support my anti-Catholic corollary of Rush's masterfull thesis, I have provided a link to an article found a The Catholic Thing. This article is compelling for if true, and I do not doubt that it is, the Deceiver in Chief is trying to silence all Catholic opposition to his plans. This article outlines an attempt, by an unknown and misguided Republican doing the bidding of the Commie in Chief, to force the Holy See into silencing His Excellency Archbishop Raymond Burke. This coupled with the intimidation tactics of Frank and Reid are definitely part of the same game plan.

Here is the address for you to cut and paste into your server- still working out how to link properly in cases like this!!!