27 March 2009

Friday, 27 March 2008

So much has been happening this week, it is overhwelming. (Not in a good way, either) One gets the feeling that we are teetering at the brink of an abyss, morally, and the next bit of bad news will just push us over. First the Notre Dame fiasco, brought about by the open defiance and collusion of the president of that school- what was he thinking? This is not the Land of Lakes era of 1967-1968, in which that same school played a leading role in undermining the Faith in this country. Seriously, that school should no longer be allowed to call itself Catholic, all of its priests should be sent to monasteries under a perpetual vow of silence, and the Jesuit order suspended indefinitely, with their priests undergoing an adjustment under the same vow of silence!!! I don't recall what the 1983 Canon Law states (my copy is in storage along with everything else) so my intemperate tantrum may be off the mark, but boy if that punishment doesn't meet this crime!!!!

Then, on the secular front, we have the latest power grab by the tax cheat frontman for the Communist in Chief. Remeber the howls of outrage with the bailout/TARP bill giving then Treasury Secreatary Paulson unprecedented powers? Why isn't the press howling in otrage over this? (Sorry- I forgot myself there- they are in the stands cheering this on, since they helped give us this mess in the first place) How about that Hitler Youth bill? It passed the Senate, with only 19 dissenting votes (Yes, I know the offending passage was removed by the House, but it can magically reappear at the conference to reconcile the House and Senate versions- if not then, it will reappear in other legislation before the year is out)

The one bright spot was the MEP Daniel Hannan. What a courageous, principled man. He is very much in shock at the interest his statements have made. Why can't our politicians represent us in this manner? Where is our "Daniel Hannan"?

On the family front, Geoff is back in Ohio, same hotel and the same room!!! We expect to rejoin him next week, and then back to NY for Easter. We apparently will NOT be moving before May, so it looks like two more months of hotel living for us. Thank heavens for the pool, and our dvd player.