24 March 2009

"Trickle up poverty"

I borrow this phrase from the inestimable Michael Savage, of radio fame, who first coined it. While I do not listen to the man on a daily basis, I tend to think along the same lines of reference. As is the case with Rush Limbaugh, Dr. Savage (yes, he has earned a Ph.D, so is entitled to the prefix), and Mark Levin have given us much to ponder, as has Glenn Beck with his 912 Project. While the Tea Parties around this country are useful, we are not reliving our original Revolution of 1776. I believe that the signs are much more ominous, a la the French Revolution, which in turn spawned the Russian and the bloodshed of the 20th century. This time, the scoundrels will be much more crafty, and the blood shed will not be on such an horrific scale. We have the spectacle of the current House and Senate, led since 2006 by the Democrats, the modern day Jacobins. We have the institution, under the GIVE Act which just passed muster in the House, of the American version of the Hitler Youth (HT to Gateway Pundit for calling this Act what it really is). We have ACORN, with the blessings of the open threats of Barney Frank, our favorite heterophobe, threatening private citizens, in their homes, who had the misfortune to succeed on their own merits and talents, just like the mobs of Paris storming the Bastille in 1789. We have the tenets of Marx and lenin enshrined in the TOTUS, who now wants his tax cheat Treasury secretary to have greatly enhanced powers of seizure of private corporations.

To those who voted for this, J'accuse!!!! By your act of voting, you have undermined the greatness of this country. By your selfishness you have betrayed her. May God have mercy on your souls. You are reaping what you have sown- enjoy its galling taste.