03 March 2009

This moral morass known as America

I am appalled by the shenanigans and the lying of the current Administration and its minions. They and their adherents are hell bent on destroying America, first through the financial and banking crises they helped create, through the mortgate mess they created, with their constant end runs around the Constitution vis-a-vis the First Amendment (and I don't mean the Fairness Doctrine- watch how they "regulate" media and radio markets through the FCC in pursuit of "diversity") The abortion nightmares about to be unleashed on this country make me weep. So much for having the brightest Ivy League educated minds in charge- they don;t know a hill of beans about running anything. We are on the path towards socialism, and in less than six weeks. From now on, whenever I encounter someone who voted for this, I will make sure that I thank them for destroying America.

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