16 March 2009

A New Day in Ohio!!!!

Yes, we are back in the great state of Ohio!!! We were only home from our first such venture 36 hours, when Geoff learned that he had to be back on Thursday. (We had arrived home at 10 PM on February 28th, and the word came at 2:30 PM, the 2nd of March, a Monday) Geoff took Amtrak to NJ to retrieve our car on Tuesday, while I did mounds of laundry and got him repacked. Ginger, our intrepid doxie extraordinaire, and I left on Friday, the 6th!!!! So much for having a week to look through the piles of mail, do our taxes, and sleep in!!!! We had a major scare this past weekend- Geoff experienced weakness/numbness in his left arm and leg, so off to the emergency room we went Friday afternoon. Possibility of a stroke considered by the ERm doc, Dr. Marshall at the Sagamore Hills Medical Center, who promptly sent Geoff to the Cleveland Clinic. Me, the tears did not stop - I had always hoped that I would be strong when and if Geoff needed me, a la Joan of Arc. No, just a marshmallow with overflowing tear ducts. An iceberg settled itself around my heart and remained, dead weight and all, until yesterday, when I brought him back to our hotel (yes, another La Quinta, and with an indoor pool). The CAT scan at the ER ruled out a big stroke, but an MRI and MRA were needed to rule out the silent strokes. MRI was at 10:30 PM on Saturday. Great radiology tech named Becky- she let me stay with him during the MRI, due to intense claustrophobia. He came through with flying colors, and now is on Lipitor for his high cholesterol. The Cleveland Clinic Foundation and its affiliated hopsitals are fantastic and saved my GEoff.

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