03 March 2009

If anyone has been wondering about my lack of blogging, Geoff and I were in Ohio for the past two months. While at the La Quinta Inn computer access was very limited, so blogging took a back seat. (If you have pets and travel, stay at a La Quinta- they are pet friendly and a great chain)

He is busy with CSX as a management trainee for Signals, and we have now been placed in our first assignment. Yes, we are returning to Ohio, where Geoff will be running the hump yard in Willard, Ohio!!! He is very excited, as am I. He leaves tomorrow to meet with his new boss, and then comes back to New York to get me and our dachsie, Ginger. (The cats will follow later once we have a permanent address- don't fret, they are staying with my inlaws!!!) This means that the belongings in storage for the last two years will again see the light of day, and we will be buying a house in Ohio!!!! We had only just arrived back Saturday night late, and while we knew that we would be moving to Ohio, did not expect it to be the very next week. We still have to return to New York to move out of the apartment, but all things in God's time. Am still woozy thinking of these turn of events.

We will be joining the Parish of St. Joseph in Toledo, where the TLM is celebrated every Sunday. What a glorious church this is!!! The pastor is new but what a priest!!!! While in Ohio, we attended Mass there and at Holy Rosary in Dayton , which has the TLM thanks to the FSSP. That church is aso spectacular, complete with baldachino. I have never attended Mass celebrated by a priest of the FSSP, but wow is all that can be said. I love being Catholic and having the TLM!!!!

With regard to the last two months events- The Holy Father is of course correct in lifting the excommunications of the SSPX bishops, period. The other stuff has nothing to do with canon law, and is just fodder for the Church's enemies.

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