16 December 2009

HT American Thinker- Fistgate, sexualization of American children

December 16, 2009

The Left's Corruption of Youth

By Robin of Berkeley
Warning: This article discusses the sexualization of American schoolchildren. It may be inappropriate for some readers. Discretion is advised.

When I was twenty, I fell hard and fast for a dreamy guy named Will. Handsome and hilarious, Will was the perfect boyfriend...that is, until the day he hit me.

We weren't arguing; we were just goofing around on the couch. Out of nowhere, he slapped me across the face. Though I was shocked, I somehow found the wherewithal to say, "Don't do that again."

When I got my bearings back, I demanded to know why Will hit me. He said he thought I'd like it. I discovered that the man was into some unspeakable behavior, stuff I'd never heard of before. And he had had no problems finding willing others.     

During our time together, Will put his perverse proclivities on ice. But I could see the roots of his depravity -- his contempt for people, his stinginess, and his narcissism.

Eventually, Will dumped me for another girl. Though I cried inconsolably for weeks, in retrospect, his rejection was the best (and only) gift he ever gave me. 

Looking back, I wonder why I didn't follow Will down this treacherous path. I was needy and adrift, having had no strong parental arms to guide me.    

Raised by permissive parents with Playboys on the coffee table, I was brainwashed into an anything-goes attitude about sex. Desperate for a boyfriend, I viewed free love as the road to true love.

However, those 1970s-era Playboys were relatively mild by today's standards. Will's predilections were shocking, unheard-of, totally out of bounds for the times. Even though I was young and impressionable, a voice inside me hollered, "No!"

But if I were twenty years old today, with the constant blare of extreme sex, I wonder whether I would make the same decision. Barriers erected around sexuality have continued to topple like so many dominoes all in a row.

Conservatives have been warning for years that society is sexualizing children. They even proclaimed that militant gays were initiating public school youth into their ranks.

I thought that conservatives were being paranoid and homophobic. What they asserted was ridiculous in the extreme.

And I must now admit that yet again, I was wrong.

True, the average, hardworking gay or lesbian is repulsed by the idea of degrading children. They, like straights, want children protected and safe. And like everyone else, they are preoccuppied with the mundane details of everyday life -- jobs, aging parents, and home repair.

The problem is that these are not normal times. There are extreme, militant gays who have in mind big changes for everyone else. With a key appointment, President Obama has emboldened a cabal of fanatics obsessed with the "fundamental transformation" of sexuality in America.

Through Obama's election, some of the most ferocious and unhinged inmates of the nation's radical sexual fringe have been released upon the citizenry.

This fringe doesn't want to be left alone. In fact, it will not leave you and your children alone. We're talking about a lethal combination of traits: for many, manic-depression, severe character disorders, and addictions, sexual and otherwise. 

The fusion of the three produces the most toxic of people, what I call "poisonous personalities." Empowered, they are now wrecking havoc in every place imaginable.

Corrupting the public has been on the Left's agenda for decades. Beginning in the l930s, the Frankfurt School plotted the installation of Marxism in the West. They knew that a debauched citizenry is easier to manipulate.  

The school found willing henchmen in the amoral Left, which worships at the altar of pleasure: If it feels good, do it. Their hedonism has been legitimized by a host of mad scientists, such as Drs. Wilhelm Reich and Alfred Kinsey

A principal architect of the sexual revolution, Kinsey purportedly falsified evidence to support his subversive theories that everyone, babies included, is hyper-sexual and bisexual.

Growing up, Obama himself was surrounded by people with no boundaries to speak of. Grandpa Stanley told lewd stories about women in front of young Barry. Stanley anointed alleged pedophile Frank Marshall Davis to be the child's mentor and tutor.  

Frankly, given Obama's early exposure, I wonder if he's desensitized to abuse. Can he see it if it's front of his eyes?  

This possible blindness may partly explain Obama's selection of Kevin Jennings as the Safe Schools Czar. Jennings, a militant gay man, has been "queering" students in Massachusetts for years.  

Jennings and his crew taught the kids about brutal sexual practices like fisting and water sports. They pressured the kids to try out sexual practices that disgusted them.

Not only were these degenerates teaching kinky sex to the young and vulnerable, but they also put the kids further into harm's way by detailing the best places to hook up.

Sexualizing and "queering" kids is a worldwide trend. The U.N. has issued a proclamation asserting that starting in grade school, children have a right to masturbate and to have orgasms.

I've lately been hearing stories from public schools across the land about kids being subjected to deviance. A friend's fifteen-year-old was disciplined after walking out in disgust when a transsexual guest speaker provided graphic details about his/her surgery. The youth -- and their parents -- have no say in the curriculum.

Many liberal teachers have no qualms about exposing their charges to decadence because they themselves are steeped in moral relativism. It's judgmental, they believe, to distinguish between wholesome and degrading sex. In their view, being polyamorous is as legitimate a lifestyle choice as uttering "I do."   

But there are also some militant gays out there who are going way beyond neutrality. They are trying to bring lost and aimless students into the gay fold.

School staff may zoom in on a particularly vulnerable youth. A teacher might imply to a molested boy that maybe he's gay. Or a counselor may suggest lesbianism to a girl being hit by her boyfriend.  

It's one thing to support a teen who believes he or she is gay. But recruiting kids not only into homosexuality, but towards dangerous and degrading behavior? Divorcing any connection between sex and love and marriage?  

There are many reasons why people like Jennings are sexualizing kids. I'm guessing that for some, it's a turn-on. Describing kinky sex in front of a bunch of minors must be a sex-addict's dream.

But there's a deeper reason: People regarded by others as deviants are trying to legitimize their behavior, to make the abnormal normal. Even though they celebrate their lifestyle, I think that deep inside they hurt. No matter how much they blame society's oppression for their self-loathing, at some level they know they're warped and broken, that the hurt comes from within, not from without.

In an age that eschews religion, they have no way to alleviate the shame, no avenue out of the sewer.

In the not-so-distant past, this nation was organized around Judeo-Christian values. Sexual deviance from the norm, especially towards children, was roundly condemned as an abomination.

And there were paths to redemption.  The sinner could cleanse his or her soul by praying for forgiveness from a merciful God.   

But with religion maligned, there is no balm for brokenness. Consequently, these deviants turn to Plan B: corrupt everyone around them. Flaunt depravity and sully others, especially unspoiled children. Increase the number of degenerates by bringing impressionable youths down into their netherworld.

Today's children are more vulnerable than ever before. With the absence of moral guideposts and strong families, children are creating virtual realities destructive to body and soul.

They exhibit themselves on Facebook and YouTube, text constantly, and remain glued to sexually charged websites, even porn. By being compulsively wired, youth are kept in a perpetual state of addiction and stimulation.  

They become easy targets for predators -- and not just the derelicts hiding in dark alleys.

The predators are those like Kevin Jennings who are corrupting children en masse. The predators are every single counselor or teacher who steers a fragile youth into a high-risk lifestyle.

These predators are being enabled by a president who is willing to put children at risk to promote his radical agenda. And why wouldn't he? Didn't the adults in his life treat him with the same utter disregard?

It boils down to this: If consenting adults choose to engage in high-risk sexual practices in the privacy of their own homes, then so be it.

But we need to send a loud and clear message to the Powers that Be: our children are not available for exploitation. In other words, keep your hands off them.

A frequent AT contributor, Robin is a psychotherapist and recovering liberal in Berkeley.



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