20 December 2009

HT Father Z- Senator Nelson sold his soul

Sen. Nelson sold himself

CATEGORY: Emanations from Penumbras, SESSIUNCULA — Fr. John Zuhlsdorf @ 3:15 pm
Sen. Nelson (D-NE) gets from Pres. Obama and Sen. Reid (D-NV) federal money for Medicaid … for Nebraska… pretty much forever?

Sen. Nelson is apparently okay with other states paying for Nebraska’s free ride.

Sen. Nelson must be okay with letting states opt out of receiving federal money for abortion. 

Sen. Nelson must therefore okay with tax payers everywhere paying for abortions somewhere.

Sen. Nelson sold himself.  

There is a another term for that, but let’s just say it that way.

I bet Sen. Nelson will run for reelection claiming that he is pro-life. 

Sen. Nelson has accepted a compromise that the USCCB should not willing to accept. 

It looks like the Hyde Amendment is irrelevant.

Did you notice that the conscience protection has been removed?

What will the USCCB do now?

Will they issue a statement that the Conference opposes the bill?

If they don’t, then the American bishop will have been rolled.

This seems to be the beginning of federally funded abortion in the USA.

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