11 December 2009

HT Father Z- a political candidate who understands that a CINO politician is in fact a public scandal

11 December 2009

KABLAM! An unforeseen consequence of Anglicanorum coetibus

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Well well….

Anglicanorum coetibus is a gift that keeps on giving.

Anglicans are asked to respond to certain challenges in order to come into Catholic Communion.

They must make choices about who they desire to be.

To be Catholics, and have Communion with the Church, they are asked to live in a manner consistent with the Catholic doctrine and discipline they say they will embrace.

I found this today on Fratres (at least that is what I think it is called).

Francis Cardinal George asked to ban Senator Richard Durbin [D-IL] from receiving communion
December 11, 2009 — james mary evans

If you allow Durbin to defy and mock church teaching, and to glory over his victories in defeating the most precious right to life, you allow a sinner to elevate himself over the church and over the authority of the Holy Father.

Andy Martin

U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin responds to Pope Benedict’s invitation to Anglicans (in the United States: Episcopalians) to join the Roman Catholic Church by asking how Cardinal George can tolerate the open defiance of church doctrine by Senator Durbin.


    December 11, 2009

    Francis Cardinal George
    Archbishop of Chicago
    835 N. Rush Street
    Chicago, IL 60611-2030

    Re: Senator Richard Durbin/Holy Communion

    Dear Cardinal George:

    I am a member of the Episcopal Church. Some years ago I studied for Holy Orders in my church, but I ultimately elected not to enter the ordained ministry. I though my secular work fighting corruption and working for the improvement of this state and the United States was an honorable calling.

    But I take my lay ministry very seriously. While I am unhesitating in seeking to be a servant of the people, I am always first and utmost a servant of Jesus Christ. The energy and grace which Jesus imparts to His believers allows me to continue the war against corruption in Illinois and Washington.

    Two months ago the Holy Father invited Episcopalians (Anglicans) such as me to rejoin the Roman Catholic Church. I was startled by the boldness of Pope Benedict’s invitation. And I have studied his words carefully.

    In the Note of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Father, the first paragraph challenges all of us [get this…] “who wish to enter into full visible communion The Note confirms that the holy sacrament of communion is a visible manifestation, perhaps the most visible manifestation, of our call to follow Christ.

    But before I can accept the Holy Father’s invitation to join the church, and before I can even make an informed and intelligent decision on how to decide, I need to ask you a clear question.

    If Holy Communion is such a “visible” and universal sacrament of the Church, how can you allow apostates such as Senator Richard Durbin to receive communion when Durbin mocks the church’s teachings on abortion and the right to life, both for the unborn and those facing the end of life? How indeed? [A good question.]

    Recently Bishop Thomas Tobin of Rhode Island became engulfed in a controversy involving the bishop’s private communication to Patrick Kennedy to refrain from accepting the sacrament because of Kennedy’s pro-abortion views.

    Earlier this week, Senator Durbin was on national television gloating over his success in defeating an anti-abortion provision for the so-called health care reform proposed by the president. In other words, Durbin not only acts contrary to church teaching, he visibly and openly defies church doctrine and gloats over his success in mocking and denying the teachings of his church. Durbin is no ordinary sinner.

    So when is the Archdiocese of Chicago going to follow the Diocese of Rhode Island and request that Senator Durbin refrain from receiving the sacrament in this archdiocese?

    If you allow Durbin to defy and mock church teaching, and to glory over his victories in defeating the most precious right to life, you allow a sinner to elevate himself over the church and over the authority of the Holy Father.

    I ask you to consider requesting that Senator Durbin refrain from receiving the sacrament of communion. I most respectfully ask you to explain to me how any church leader can tolerate the defiance of mockery for church teaching manifested by Senator Durbin.

    As a former U. S. Senator said on February 17, 2008, “Words? Just words? Don’t tell me words don’t matter

    Well, do they matter? Do the teachings of the church matter?

    Are your teachings as Archbishop “just words Or do your words regarding the sanctity of life have real meaning? If you believe in the truth behind your own words, how can you allow Senator Durbin to receive communion in your archdiocese even one more time? The Advent scripture for today invites us to reflect on the Gospel passage: “Wisdom is vindicated by her works [Matthew 11:19]

    Faithfully Yours in Christ,


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