16 December 2009

HT Big Government and ACORN Cracked- Part 2 Bob Creamer, Healthcare and Obama

Creamer Audio Drop, Part 2: Obama Key to “Fundamentally Transforming” America

by Kyle Olson To me, one of the most disturbing – and starkly honest – one-liners that came out of the 2008 campaign was this: “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”  It was delivered by Sen. Barack Obama while rallying a crowd at the University of Missouri on October 30, 2008.

That definitely was not the standard message that Obama conveyed to the masses. “Change” is a much different concept than “transforming America.” We wonder how many voters would have thought twice if they knew they were voting for a revolutionary transformation of our nation’s economy and the government’s involvement in private affairs.
Like his off-the-cuff remark to Joe the Plumber about “spreading the wealth around,” Obama opened a little window into his soul with that statement.

His words have proven to be prophetic. We have seen the “fundamental transformation” begin to unfold in just 11 short months, with major shifts in traditional policy. We have auto and bank bailouts, federal ownership of major corporations, a massive $787 billion stimulus package, a dangerous cap-and-trade proposal, radical health care legislation, new EPA rules, and the continued threat of card check, just to name a few examples. And the president has three years left in his term.
But the frightening notion of “fundamentally transforming America” was first uttered about three months earlier. has obtained another recording of Robert Creamer, the convicted felon who wrote the blueprint for health care reform while in prison, explaining to a talk show host about his vision for the Obama administration and the huge Democratic majority about to be elected to Congress.
“If Barack Obama is elected president, then we have the opportunity to fundamentally transform American politics and the economy — progressives do – for the first time in really in my lifetime…”
So far, I have been unable to find a single other reference to the idea of “fundamentally transforming” our country.  But Creamer, Obama and their entire leftist crew were probably of the same mindset. Is it possible Obama got the mantra from Creamer?  After all, in a clip that will be coming tomorrow, the talk show host mentioned above mentioned says he was talking to the right source, because “Robert Creamer knows Barack Obama.”
Read about Creamer Audio Drop, Part 1, in which he discusses the strategy for “taking it to the enemy” (ie. health insurance companies) to win a government-takeover of health care.  Glenn Beck used this recording on his December 10th Fox News broadcast, as well as his December 11th radio show.

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