16 December 2009

Mulier Fortis: Photos From Gaudete Sunday...

Mulier Fortis: Photos From Gaudete Sunday...

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Photos From Gaudete Sunday...

Earlier in the year, there was an article in The Suppository which was rather uncharitable towards His Hermeneuticalness. So many people felt rather strongly that Damian Thompson and Fr. Z ran campaigns to raise money for some rather nice vestments.

Gaudete Sunday provided the opportunity to bring the vestments out again, and we also were fortunate enough to have a High Mass on the Sunday morning, so the entire kit and caboodle got an airing!

I took photos, keen to see how the "rose" colour would look with my snazzy phone... last year, I had to use my camera phone, and the very small lens has a distorting effect on colour balance.

Posted by Mac McLernon at 15.12.09

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