19 December 2009

The Other McCain: The best thing about my daughter being engaged to an Argentine?

 Yesterday, Our Fearless Leader announced the engagement of his lovely daughter Kennedy.  Her photos reveals her to be an absolutely beautiful young woman and a credit to her family.  God Bless the happy couple and their respective families

The Other McCain: The best thing about my daughter being engaged to an Argentine?

Friday, December 18, 2009

The best thing about my daughter
being engaged to an Argentine?

It's true. The other night, after an all-too-lengthy courtship -- she broke up with him for a few months earlier this year because he was, as the old song says, "courtin' too slow" -- he finally proposed.

My 20-year-old daughter Kennedy now has a big diamond ring on her finger, courtesy of the boy I call the Romeo of the Pampas, the Legendary Latin Lothario, Martin Nestares. (His name is pronounced "mar-TEEN," although I refuse to do that Spanish thing where his last name is rendered "Nestarrrrrrres.")

Honestly, he's a good kid, even if he is planning to go to law school. He's a Christian boy. Both his grandfathers are ministers. And he is muy respectful. In fact, it was our old-fashioned values -- almost as much as our daughter's lovely red hair and vivacious personality -- that made Kennedy so attractive to this chivalrous tango-dancing caballero.

Martin was captain of the soccer team at the Christian academy he and Kennedy attended, a school that she found online after becoming frustrated with her parents' inability to adequately assist her with her 9th-grade homeschool math curriculum. Next time somebody tells you that homeschoolers suffer from a lack of "socialization," remember that my daughter landed the most popular boy in school. (She also graduated with honors at age 16.)

So, other than the happy prospect of my daughter's nuptial bliss, what's the best part of this deal?
  • Future holiday dinner arguments provoked by my needling references to Britain's easy conquest of the Falkland Islands, complete with loud choruses of "Rule Brittania."
  • Son-in-law becomes fabulously wealthy corporate lawyer, so he can afford to fly me down to Argentina every winter and I'll lounge on the beach at Mar del Plata sipping umbrella drinks, watching bikini-clad Latinas stroll past.
  • The likelihood that, about 2029, the University of Alabama will offer a full-ride football scholarship to my soccer-style placekicker grandson, Beauregard Lee Nestares.
  • The irony of grandson Beau Lee checking the "Latino" box and qualifying for affirmative action.
No, as delightful as these scenarios are, none of them is the best thing about my daughter becoming engaged to the ardent Argentine.

The best thing? Another excuse for me to rattle the tip jar.

Roll Tide! And Rule Britannia!

UPDATE: One of the great tip-jar hitters of all time, Nathan Cossey congratulates me and asks:
My only wonder is if he has another daughter that's close in age to her.
Regret to inform you, Nathan, that her younger sister is only 7, which means that you would have to wait more than a decade. Unless we move to Alabama, in which case . . .

That is a joke! A joke! Just because marriage at 14 is legal in Alabama does not mean I'm endorsing it. Fireworks are also legal in Alabama, and I enthusiastically endorse fireworks, but that's different.

UPDATE II: Da Tech Guy also extends his congratulations. Perhaps you recall the opening scene of The Godfather, where ancient Sicilian custom requires that Don Corleone cannot deny any request on his daughter's wedding day?

We also have a custom in my family: Everyone must hit the tip jar when I announce my daughter's engagement. It's not an ancient custom but . . .

UPDATE III: Little Miss Attila gets misty-eyed with nostalgia for her youthful days roaming the pampas, IYKWIMAITYD. And Paleo Pat adds his congratulations . . . to the groom. IYKWIMAITYD.

Thanks to all.

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