09 December 2009

HT to Big Hollywood- More on Fistgate

Lonewolf Diaries: Perverse Sex is Fun, Kids! (Let the Fisting Begin)

by Steven Crowder Haven’t you heard? The GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network), founded by Obama’s Safe Schools Czar Kevin Jennings, was caught teaching middle-school students the sexual art of “fisting.” One has to wonder, considering how in the tank the folks in tinseltown have been for this administration, would these kinds of shenanigans even bother them?
It’s no secret that Hollywood considers themselves to be much more “open-minded” about sex than the average bear. I’m sure they’d have no problem with the GLSEN endorsing the act of inserting one’s fist into a partners orifice to a group of 14-year-olds. Afterall, everybody does it… Right?
As a matter of fact, Hollywood rarely ever gives the evil eye to any sexual practice, no matter how freaky it may be. It seems that to the Sean Penns of the world, the more perverse the sex, the better. They’ve sauntered so far down the “freaky sex dungeon” trail that “fisting” has literally been left in the rearview mirror as mere child’s play.
When I really think about it, it seems as though the only kind of sex at which Hollywood will ever choose to poke fun… is the kind that occurs within marriage.
Don’t you watch the movies? Haven’t you listened to the stand-up comedians?  The day you tie the knot is “the day your sex life ends.” According to sitcoms and romantic comedies, it’s a scientific impossibility for married couples to enjoy playful romps in the bedroom.
Correct me for being na├»ve, but isn’t married sex supposed to be the best sex of your life? Shouldn’t your life-partner provide you with the most sexually gratifying experiences you’ll ever have the pleasure of knowing? Afterall, your wife or husband is supposed to be the person you love more than anyone on the planet. Given that mutual appreciation and (hopefully) an unparalleled level of communication, how could the sex NOT be amazing? What is marriage, if not an institution designed to cultivate bonding/closeness on every level, including physically?
Considering that Hollywood lampoons the institution so much, what does that say about their views on sex? It would almost make it seem as though their practice of it is animalistic and void of… dare I say it… love. Surprising, isn’t it? The industry that prides themselves on being at the cusp of all things “true love” has no real comprehension of it for themselves.
Sliding down the slippery slope of perversion seems only natural for leftists. Many of them have a moral void in their souls, so they try to fill it with anything else they can. Not only that, but they try and appoint/surround us with people that will cause us to do the same. Rather than reach to anything greater than themselves, folks like Sean Penn clasp at more fame, excess and beautiful women. Or in some cases… It’s just a fist.
Now doesn’t that sound fun?

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