15 December 2009

HT Gateway Pundit- Media Matters for America covering up Fistgate

Tuesday, December 15, 2009, 11:48 AM
Jim Hoft
(Warning on Content)
It’s official…
The Soros-linked far left website is now your premier stop for defending fisting and dental dam indoctrination of children.
If you have a nasty sexual fetish and want to teach it to children, don’t worry –
Media Matters is there to defend you!
Attention: Fisting Aficionados Media Matters cares and is there to assist with all your classroom needs.
Here’s Media Matters’ latest defense of Kevin Jennings and Fistgate–
Lott Mission Accomplished: Right wing runs with his Jennings smear
This was their 27th defense of GLSEN founder Kevin Jennings and fisting in the last week.
Here is Media Matters’ latest clumsy response to the Fistgate Scandal involving Barack Obama’s Safe Schools Czar Kevin Jennings:
Oh, by the way, neither Hoft nor BigGovernment are acknowledging that Lott actually debunks one of the false smears they pushed – that “fisting kits” were distributed at a 2001 GLSEN event. According to Lott, “The kit was actually for making a “dental dam” — designed to prevent STD transmission during oral sex.” Which, of course, was pretty obvious, given that the kit reportedly consisted of “a single plastic glove, a package of K-Y lubricant,” and instructions titled “How to Make a Dental Dam From a Latex Glove.”
Did you get that?
GLSEN’s porn pushing on 14 year-olds was OK because they were instructing the young teens on how to build dental dams and not on how to fist.
Oh, that’s a relief.
After all, shouldn’t every child know how to build a dental dam?
It’s now clear that Media Matters will go to any length to defend any perverted act by any Obama Administration official. Even if they have to defend child porn books to do it.
How sad.

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