04 December 2009

The Inaugural "Master of the Comma" Award

To commemorate that most faithful sidekick, Fearless Reader, of our fearless leader, His Awesomeness, The Other McCain, I am accepting nominations for the inaugural "Master of the Comma" Award. This award is inspired by the tireless efforts of Fearless Reader to grammatically check the offerings in the VRWC Blogosphere so that we don't make fools of ourselves in the pursuit of Conservative Mastery of the blogosphere, lead of course by His Fearlessness, The Other McCain. Smitty has doen yeoman's work to make The Other McCain blog what it is today, and to keep the trolls at bay with his mastery of the English language and grammatical corrections. For the want of Smitty, a Kingdom would be lost!!!

Nominees MUST possess conservative bona fides, and an accompanying blog. Must be worthy to walk in Fearless Reader's shoes, or at the very least, in his very loooong shadow!!!!!

Thanks to Carol at, for her artistry in making this award a reality.


  1. You misspelled "done".

    In any event, you could do worse than give this award to Paco Enterprises, a blog that is practically fizzy with conservative bona fides.